The Birds

As ever, I’m not sure how a simple prompt of “trees” led me here today, but it did. So we have a little tableau of a bird, and a bee, in a tree. Which sounds like some sort of nursery rhyme, or that Jewel Akins song from the 60’s. I’ve no idea what style I’ve [...]


Love Connections

I've read many romance and erotic romance novels and novellas. I  truly believe a connection needs to build between the characters. Connections can be built in so many different ways. It could be personalities on first impressions,  appearance, sexual attraction, etc. Whatever it is I feel it needs to be developed over a few chapters. [...]

No more cheating Alpha males!

I love alpha male romance novels. I'm always in search for the next great novel or series that portray strong AA women and men. My problem with finding these reads is the constant cheating, baby mama drama, and side line women drama. I love a drama filled read but must it always be due to [...]

Erotica vs. Erotic Romance

People engage in sex, may watch sex on TV. or may come across it online, in all those settings it seems okay for people to be exposed to sex, but if they come across it in literature that is another story; then it is doomsday especially in societies who represent themselves and praise themselves for […] [...]