Finale!!! Available Now!!


They’re back for the last fight!
Bull is willing to risk his life for Worth and his family. Nothing will stop him from assuring their safety. He prepares for the final battle that could cost him everything.
Worth wants nothing more than to have a life with Bull. Her pregnancy and the fear of her family’s safety is making her question living a life with a corrupt criminal. Will they find away to have the life they fought so hard for or will Bull lose his life to save theirs?
Paisley is done playing Estelle’s game. She’s not giving up the man she loves for anyone. There’s just one problem.
Everything that could go wrong is going wrong for Fila. With new enemies and Estelle determined to destroy him, he fights harder. His son is his life and Paisley is his heart. His love for them both won’t let anyone keep him away from them. Those against him will soon feel his wrath for plotting against him. What will be his cost of keeping the two most important people in his life?


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