27750927_1563181850402942_652684218280395398_nComing Feb. 13th from Nona Day comes ✨ A Love Worth the Fight 2💖
“If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it” -Roy T. Bennett
Worth has found a love that is worth fighting for. Basilio has discovered a type of love he never imagined was possible for him in his life. As strong as their love is for each other, obstacles still stand in there way. Basilio is struggling with bringing Worth into his corrupt life while Worth is trying to adapt to living a life she never imagined. Majesty, Worth’s ex is determined to make sure they don’t have the happy life they want together. Will betrayal, drugs and money cost Worth and Basilio a love they both never expected?
Paisley doesn’t want to risk having a broken heart. She steers away from any man that could possibly make her fall in love. When the one man comes into her life that she always wanted, she has no where to run. Fila thought he had find the love of his life until the truth was revealed. He didn’t know becoming close friends with Paisley would blossom into a love. Falling in love with Paisley wasn’t something he never planned. He wasn’t running from what he was feeling and was determined to stop her from running from her. His ex-fiancé, Estelle will not go away without a fight for the man of her child. Can Paisley risk her heart for the man she loves, or will Estelle ruin her chance at the happiest she scared to explore with Fila?


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