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The Big Easy is the place for love, lust, betrayal and murder is the life.
Worth is a beautiful, young girl wanting to be loved and valued. She didn’t desire much from her simple life. Her goals were to finish college, to get a job and live comfortable life with the man she loved, Majesty. The only problem with her plan was Majesty wasn’t giving her what she wanted and desired. The love she has for him was slowly dying, but he was determined to never let her go.
Betrayal and deceit from the ones she loved most causes her to doubt her own worth.
Muhammad aka Majesty was becoming the man in the Big Easy. With his new-found street status, his ego grew just as big. As far as he was concerned, this was his world. Whatever he wanted he got, that included Worth. He loved Worth the best way he could; he just wasn’t ready to give up all the benefits of his new lifestyle. He was willing to get it by any means necessary.
Basilio aka Bull was only focused on striving in the legacy his father left him. He wanted a love like his parents, but didn’t think it was possible with his lifestyle. Worth walked into his life, and he saw the possibility of having the impossible.
Will Worth figure out she’s worth the fight?


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