Rebellious! Coming Soon!!


🎉Coming Dec. 7th from Nona Day💖
Rebellious A Rebel Spinoff

Riley, Max, Tone, Tawny and Lexi from Rebel are back with their own stories.
Riley and Tawny are the ideal couple for as everyone can see. Riley is a mature, strong alpha male. He believes in providing, loving and protecting his woman. He was raised to be the man of the house. 
Tawny who raised by her Godmother. She was raised to never depend on a man. She wants to do it all on her own. Will they be able to find the balance to make their relationship work?
Max and Lexi are the immature couple that everyone is rooting for. Max loves Lexi, but doesn’t know how to give her the love she deserves. Lexi is tired of giving her all to Max, only to end up with a broken heart repeatedly. Will Max finally love Lexi the way she deserves or lose her because of the demons in holds inside.
Tone is the one everyone wanted to kill at one time. He was given a second chance. He has finally got his life together. He’s being a great father to his daughter and has reverted back to being the brother Jiera loves so much. He has moved on with his life with his baby mother, Toya. He wants to forget his past. There’s only one problem with that. He can’t forget Tawny, his first true love.


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