Plus size, Sexy and Beautiful

I was inspired to write this blog in the awakening of Usher and his sexual involvement of Quantasia Sharpton. This blog isn’t about both of their irresponsible and careless actions of having unprotected sex. The article is about everyone’s disbelief that Usher would have sex with a plus size women. It is disheartening that in this day and time that we still think a plus size woman can’t be desired by a handsome man. The scrutiny and ridicule she’s receiving for being plus size is horrific.

I am a plus size woman who carries herself very well. I know my weight should be a concern for my health. I am also aware that my weight should not be a concern of any man’s attraction to me. I have confidence in myself and refuse to let my weight hold me back from thinking I am beautiful and desired.

People need to realize everyone has a preference. Just because a plus size woman may not be a physical attraction for you, doesn’t men the next man doesn’t find her desirable. To assume Usher didn’t have sex with her because of her weight is ridiculous. What’s more hurtful is the women who are bashing Quantasia Sharpton for her weight. We as women understand what it is like to be judged by society because of physical appearance.

We should stand up and encourage each other to know we should be valued and loved regardless of our size. I will continue to know my worth, value and beauty regardless of society’s opinion. I hope everyone plus size women will remember to do the same. With that being said, I don’t know if Usher had sexual intercourse with the young lady. If this is a scam for her to obtain money, she should be ashamed but not bashed for her weight.


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