A Game Played For Love #Excerpt #ComingSoon


I wanted to keep Langston off my mind. I stayed off all social networks. He’s been blowing my phone up constantly and I’ve continued to ignore all his calls. I didn’t want to hear some lame ass excuse about how this was for his image. He’s a bad boy, not fucking Satan. If he doesn’t want to be with her, he should end this little charade now. Langston is where he chooses to be. I was just getting ready to shut my podcast down so I could get ready to go in and enjoy the show when the crowd outside the building starting screaming. I told Kel to hold up before he shuts everything down. My heart dropped when I seen Langston and Telah walking this way to enter the building.

“Fuck,” I said under my breath. “Hottest couple. We can’t let this one past,” I said to Kel in a dry voice.

“Well, this evening just keeps getting better. If it isn’t the hottest and cutest couple of the year, professional baseball player for New York Titans Langston Daily and new hot RnB singer Telah. I could feel my stomach starting to churn and she leaned in close to him as she held is hand.

“Telah, are you a fan of Frederick’s urban wear?” I asked as I ignored Langston.

“I am. I just purchased like five outfits from his fall line,” she said blushing.

“Lucky man,” I said forcing a smile.

“How does it feel standing next to the bad boy of baseball?” I asked her.

“People just don’t know Langston. He’s a sweet heart. He treats me with love, respect and kindness,” she said leaning in kissing his cheek. I kept telling myself to push through this. This was my job. The job that pays my damn bills.

“And Langston, how does it feel to be standing next to the angel in every man’s dream?” I asked without making eye contact with him.

It felt like everything stopped. There was no sound or movement. He stared at me making me stare back at him. “She’s not allowed in any other man’s dreams. Secondly, right now it feels like shit standing next to her. I can never find the right words to express to her what she means to me. I love you just doesn’t cover that shit,” he said staring directly in my eyes. I was stuck. Time had stopped. Was he talking about me or her? Did he say he loved me or her? His comment left me discombobulated.

“Emory, Emory,” I heard Kel calling my name far away. He came close and shook me. I came back into reality. Langston and Telah had walked off.

“And there you have it. Langston Daily just confessed his love to the beautiful RnB singer Telah. I snatched off my headset. “I gotta go to the bathroom.” I hurried to the bathroom as I panted. My phone rang startling me. I looked at the screen seeing it was Darla.


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