Emory Stephens was a small town girl with big dreams of making it big in New York. She wanted the celebrity life with all the lavish parties. Her career as a celebrity blogger was her only concern. After graduating high school, she packed up with her best friend, Darla and moved to New York. Her career was finally taken off thanks to bad boy, Langston even though she couldn’t stand him.

Langston Daily was from rough streets of Knoxville, Tennessee. His dream was to be a professional baseball player. After struggles of fighting the roughest streets in Knoxville, he was finally able to keep focus and make his dream come true. He had the reputation of being the bad boy because of his publicized life. He wasn’t a fan of Emory and he made sure to let her know every chance he got.

Emory and Langston were definitely two people who wanted nothing to do with each other. One crazy night changed all those thoughts for both of them. They formed a friendship that neither saw coming. After realizing the hate they had for each other had turned into love, they decided to pursue a relationship.

In comes the new up and coming RnB singer, Telah. She’s portrays the sweet, classy and innocent young lady to the public. Behind closed doors there’s a different story. Determined to have Langston for herself, she does whatever is necessary. Now, Langston and Emory find themselves fighting a game to hold on to a love neither of them thought was possible with each other.


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