Black Chyna “Rob” Kardashian

I’m not a celebrity blogger but I had to voice my opinion on the Black Chyna and Rob’s fiasco. I’m not taking either side because I feel both are wrong. First of all, I can’t believe Rob didn’t see this a mile away. I know he battles some mental and emotional issues but his family warned him. He wasn’t living under a rock before meeting Chyna. He knew who he was geting into a relationship with. Knowing the history of Tyga, Kylie and Black Chyna should’ve been enough for him to stay away her. We can’t help who we love, but he went into this situation with information about her and the love triangle to stay away. Chyna is a hustler. I’m not going to blame her for doing what she knows to make her money. She felt hurt and betrayed by people she thought she could trust. I don’t like that she used Rob to get her revenge but this is what she does. And regardless of how you feel, she’s damn good at it.

Rob wants to destroy Black Chyna’s reputation. Chyna wants to rob the Kardasians My concern is the beautiful baby girl, Dream. She’s the only victim in this situation. Her parents are rich, successful celebrities acting like immature high school sweethearts having a lover’s spat. The internet is forever. Dream will grow up with embarrassing screen shots threw in her face about her parents. Both parents need to grow up and let her have a beautiful childhood and future without their shenanigans to shame her every day. From this point on, Rob knows who and what he is dealing with. The only thing he should do now is be the best father he can be to his daughter. Black Chyna needs to stop pretending she wants a relationship with her child’s father. It’s time for the nonsense to come to an end.

Just my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Black Chyna “Rob” Kardashian

  1. Sharelle says:

    I think all of this is for their show. But in the case it’s not i feel like their relationship is not for us to judge. We don’t know there struggles. Both of them were in a bad space mentally when they met so of course they’re going to have issues.


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