Love Connections

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I’ve read many romance and erotic romance novels and novellas. I  truly believe a connection needs to build between the characters. Connections can be built in so many different ways. It could be personalities on first impressions,  appearance, sexual attraction, etc. Whatever it is I feel it needs to be developed over a few chapters. If I don’t feel a building of attraction of the characters within a few chapters, I lose interest. It doesn’t have to be sexual. I just need to feel the chemistry between the two main characters. At the same time, I don’t like waiting until the end of the book to actually feel the sexual and romantic dynamic. I can fall in love with characters within 4-5 chapters. Therefore, I need to feel the chemistry between the characters in that amount of time to keep me interested.

I also understand characteristics and personalities need to be developed. I find that can be done throughout the story. I don’t want to read a book where I’m still learning only about them separately when I’m in the middle of the book. I find it more interesting to learn about each character during the building of the relationship at the same time. Most read romance and erotic novels for the love and sexual chemistry of two characters. We only need so much description of clothes, looks, places, etc. I want to be left wondering what the two main characters are doing well after the book is over.


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