No more cheating Alpha males!

I love alpha male romance novels. I’m always in search for the next great novel or series that portray strong AA women and men. My problem with finding these reads is the constant cheating, baby mama drama, and side line women drama. I love a drama filled read but must it always be due to the man cheating on the woman? I’m a huge fan of urban street literature. I’m so past reading books where the woman is supposed to accept the fact that she’s in love with a boss and she has to accept that women are always going to be an issue in the relationship.

I want to read novels and series where the man loves his woman so much he would never jeopardize losing his queen. I’ve read countless books where the man says, “I love her but I fuck around but them bitches don’t mean shit to me.” I hate that logic. I was so disgusted reading a novel last night. The girl’s mother was telling her she had to accept she fell in love with a boss street n**** and she needs to stop whining and boss up. What kind of self-respecting woman would be okay with this? From this point on I will not read anymore novels where mean are constantly cheating and the woman has to deal with baby mama drama and side line women.

My rant for the day!!


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