Perfect Relationships

There are so many aspects to having a solid relationship. A relationship can be solid and not perfect. Everyone has different views of what perfect relationship is to them. What is perfect to one may not imperfect to the next person. No one should ever define their relationship based on the views of others. They shouldn’t expect their own relationship to model what they call a “perfect relationship.” Relationships are built by trust, love, communication, and honesty. They also built on the two individual’s personalities and characteristics.

Trust, love, communication and honesty are actions that we all can agree on to have a solid foundation in a relation. If there is no trust, the relationship is doomed to fail. Communicating is the way to develop that trust and honesty. Individuals in the relationship have to be willing to speak honestly about what his on their mind. Knowing how to communicate with your partner is important. You must know how to speak to that individual in a way that doesn’t cause them to become defensive in the discussion. With trust, communication and honest, love can be developed.

Personalities of each individual are a major factor. Sometimes love will not be enough to overcome to totally different personalities. You can love someone with all your heart but the fact they your personalities clash at a volatile level it’s impossible to build a lasting solid relationship. Just because opposites attract doesn’t mean they are meant to be together. If those opposites are so strong that it starts to do damage to the relationship, it’s hard to overcome because each individual will have to be willing to change who they are.

Relationships can be beautiful. Each individual has to remember no one is perfect. We have to be willing to accept our mate’s flaws. Communicating, trusting and being honest with each other is the way to build a solid foundation in a “perfect relationship.” We must remember to support our mates in a way that lets them know we accepts them for who they are.


The Birds

As ever, I’m not sure how a simple prompt of “trees” led me here today, but it did. So we have a little tableau of a bird, and a bee, in a tree. Which sounds like some sort of nursery rhyme, or that Jewel Akins song from the 60’s. I’ve no idea what style I’ve attempted […]

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Love Connections

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I’ve read many romance and erotic romance novels and novellas. I  truly believe a connection needs to build between the characters. Connections can be built in so many different ways. It could be personalities on first impressions,  appearance, sexual attraction, etc. Whatever it is I feel it needs to be developed over a few chapters. If I don’t feel a building of attraction of the characters within a few chapters, I lose interest. It doesn’t have to be sexual. I just need to feel the chemistry between the two main characters. At the same time, I don’t like waiting until the end of the book to actually feel the sexual and romantic dynamic. I can fall in love with characters within 4-5 chapters. Therefore, I need to feel the chemistry between the characters in that amount of time to keep me interested.

I also understand characteristics and personalities need to be developed. I find that can be done throughout the story. I don’t want to read a book where I’m still learning only about them separately when I’m in the middle of the book. I find it more interesting to learn about each character during the building of the relationship at the same time. Most read romance and erotic novels for the love and sexual chemistry of two characters. We only need so much description of clothes, looks, places, etc. I want to be left wondering what the two main characters are doing well after the book is over.

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No more cheating Alpha males!

I love alpha male romance novels. I’m always in search for the next great novel or series that portray strong AA women and men. My problem with finding these reads is the constant cheating, baby mama drama, and side line women drama. I love a drama filled read but must it always be due to the man cheating on the woman? I’m a huge fan of urban street literature. I’m so past reading books where the woman is supposed to accept the fact that she’s in love with a boss and she has to accept that women are always going to be an issue in the relationship.

I want to read novels and series where the man loves his woman so much he would never jeopardize losing his queen. I’ve read countless books where the man says, “I love her but I fuck around but them bitches don’t mean shit to me.” I hate that logic. I was so disgusted reading a novel last night. The girl’s mother was telling her she had to accept she fell in love with a boss street n**** and she needs to stop whining and boss up. What kind of self-respecting woman would be okay with this? From this point on I will not read anymore novels where mean are constantly cheating and the woman has to deal with baby mama drama and side line women.

My rant for the day!!